Deal Mum is a coupon site for fans of Stay at Home Mum designed to save you money on your online purchases.  We provide coupon codes and discount vouchers from the most popular Australian online retailers.

PIZZA789 is the code you would enter

Example shows the code is PIZZA789, simply enter it on the applicable retailers site.

What Exactly is a Coupon Code or Promo Code?

A coupon code or promo code are a computer generated code consisting of numbers or letters that can be added into a promotional box on an online retailer’s shopping cart.  These exclusive discounts get you a discount at no additional cost to you whatsoever.

In the example below the coupon code box is displayed on the 1st page of the checkout process, however it should be noted that some areas to insert coupon codes aren’t available until a later stage in the online retailers checkout process.


Example area to insert coupon code, in this example the area is called a “Discount Code” which is the same thing.


How do I Use Them to Get a Discount?

When you click on one of the coupon codes you are wishing to use, it will automatically copy.  You then paste the code into the ‘Submit Code’ or ‘Discount Code’ area prior to the checkout when you are done shopping and the discount will be applied to your total.

What Are Types of Promo Codes?

There are different types of coupon codes and promo codes available.  Some examples include:

    • Some offer you free shipping on the products you are purchasing
    • Some give you a discount eg 10% or 15% or more!  
    • Some offer you a monetary discount such as $20 off your first order.

Depending on the type of coupon you may find online retailers will insert conditions on the coupon working, such as a “minimum spend” or that certain products are excluded. Make sure you consider these before use so you don’t get your hopes up to find that the coupon or discount doesn’t apply to your purchase, wondering why your coupon is not working.

Why Do Promotional Codes Exist?

If you are wondering what is the point of promotional or discount codes, well these are an incentive for you to purchase products.  Stores issue these discounts as an incentive and customers get the products they want for a cheaper price. So they are really a win/win promotional activity.